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Hello, welcome to Shenzhen Taiteng Model Design Co., Ltd.!

Specializing in hand model and precision hardware

Industry technology innovation leader

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Experience advantage

  • Established a factory in 2007, focusing on prototypes and precision hardware for 10 years
  • The masters of the prototype are all professionally engaged in more than five years of work experience
  • Has more than 20 backbones who have followed the company since the beginning of the factory
  • According to your needs, we can provide you with a full range of process services


Shenzhen Tai Tengxin Plastic Hardware Model Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2007, Shenzhen taiteng Model Design Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of handboards. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, digital communication handboards. The company invests in new production equipment every year, and starts to research and develop new production technology to improve product quality. The company's existing equipment are: advanced high-precision, high-speed engraving and milling machine 4 and a set of perfect peripheral auxiliary equipment (such as: Vacuum copying machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting machine, drying plate UV machine, etc.). The existing departments of the company include: Engineering Department, CNC processing center, machining workshop, follow-up processing workshop, oil injection and screen printing room, raw material warehouse, quality control department, etc. The company pays attention to the development of human resources, adheres to the people-oriented enterprise concept, and has 20-30 employees.

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common problem / Common problem

Founded in 2007, Tai Teng is a processing enterprise specializing in prototype production. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital communication prototypes.

First of all, Tai Teng programmers analyze the 3D data according to the product design drawings, and write the programming language that controls the CNC machining center (CNC machining center). CNC programming is the basis for making CNC prototypes.

Secondly, CNC machining is performed by the CNC numerical control machine tool executing the program commands. More precisely, it should be like this-the tungsten steel knife engraves on the aluminum alloy or polymer material back and forth according to the path set by the program, removing the excess part , So as to get the prototype of aluminum alloy or plastic CNC prototype.

Third, polish the prototype of the CNC prototype model with a polishing paste or sandpaper. Problems should be noted in this CNC prototype production process. First of all, it is necessary to use very coarse sandpaper for roughing and polishing. After removing the coarse burrs on the surface, polish the fine lines.

Fourth, the various parts of the CNC prototype model are assembled, and after processing, data detection is performed on the assembly problem. The inspection data is an objective basis for the completion of the preliminary production of CNC prototype production.

Finally, the CNC prototype model is subjected to post-processing such as oil spraying, silk screen printing, laser engraving, and oxidation. This is the final link of CNC machining, which can be adjusted according to customer needs.

The Taiteng model is the first choice for Shenzhen prototype model, which has higher production efficiency!

As an industry-leading prototype company with a certain scale, Tai Teng Shouban Model Company will continue to use advanced technology and high-precision equipment to avoid risks, reduce costs, and win more for the launch of new products for new and old customers. More precious time and market opportunities.

1. Conventional product prototypes generally use ABS material, which is easy to process, and the post-processing of the prototype is also more beautiful.

2. For high temperature resistant product prototypes, materials (1) epoxy resin; (2) bakelite; (3) black PC; (4) PA (nylon) can be used. Except for the black PC which can be bonded to the hand boards made of these four materials, the other three types cannot be bonded and need to be processed integrally.

3. For wear-resistant products, POM or PA can be selected. Prototypes made of these two materials can not be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

4. High-toughness product prototype, can choose PA or PP. Prototypes made of these two materials can not be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

5. Transparent product prototypes can be made of PMMA (acrylic), transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials. Prototypes made of these materials are polished to achieve extremely high transparency and achieve the same effect as real products.

6. The surface treatment of the product prototype is generally divided into surface effects such as oil spraying, electroplating, frosting, silk printing, and pad printing. Prototype spray oil is divided into smooth surface, matte surface, sand surface, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color, rubber oil and other effects.

Tai Tengxin has gradually developed into a professional prototype processing factory with a certain scale, adhering to the "quality is the life of the enterprise" and "striving for perfection" to serve customers and the society, and provide customers with a large number of excellent quality prototypes, thus winning The trust and support of our customers.

Tai Tengxin Model Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a processing enterprise specializing in prototype production.

The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital communication prototypes. Looking forward to cooperating with you! Tel: 0755-61125801  Website: wap.hairextensionsite.com

The prototype model is also called the first model, which is the first model of the product.

Prototypes began to rise in Hong Kong as early as the 1970s. Because they were mostly handmade in the early days, they were named "Prototypes", which is actually more accurate. In the late 1990s, especially in recent years, my country's economy has grown by leaps and bounds, the rise of industrial design, and the prototype industry began to rise. Although the prototype is small, it has a great effect. The first is to reflect the design thinking, the second is to display at the exhibition, and the third is to inspect the mold structure.

The prototype factory introduced that the early prototypes were restricted by various conditions, mainly in that most of their work was done manually, which made it difficult to strictly meet the size requirements of appearance and structural drawings because of the long construction period of the prototypes. The function of checking the appearance or structural rationality is also greatly reduced. With the advancement of science and technology, the rapid development of CAD and CAM technology has provided better technical support for prototype manufacturing, making the accuracy of the prototype possible.

On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce social competition, the speed of product development has increasingly become the main contradiction of competition, and prototype manufacturing can effectively increase the speed of product development. It is under this situation that the prototype manufacturing industry has emerged as a relatively independent industry and has flourished.

The new technology of 3D printing prototype has been hotly hyped from the beginning, and it has been controversial. Why is 3D printing prototype technology so hot?

The 3D printing prototype technology reported on the Internet is widely used. Various high-tech technical fields, such as aerospace technology, aircraft, biology and construction, etc., have 3D printing applications. In manufacturing, 3D printing technology and 3D printer applications are also very popular, such as mold making, prototype design printing, etc. In education and teaching, 3D printing technology is also the hobby of the younger generation.

In fact, there is still a process of exploration for 3D printing prototypes, but the academic community has praised it too high, which is obviously academically impetuous. Especially in recent years, 3D printing technology has been hyped up. On the one hand, it is due to the need for hype; on the other hand, domestic equipment agents also need to hype the concept to promote the agent's 3D printer; in addition, franchisees also need to promote The concept of this new technology is to attract entrepreneurs to join.

It can be seen that now entering the 3D printing industry to start a small-cost business, and looking forward to quickly opening the market, it is obvious that there are still certain difficulties. Friends who want to quickly enter and get rich quickly need to be cautious. However, with the improvement of printing technology, the reduction of the cost of equipment and consumables, and the change of market and consumer consumption concepts, the 3D printing prototype market is still promising. It is just anxious to eat hot tofu, or it can only be described as fighting today and reaping the future.

This year, 3D printing is undoubtedly the hottest topic in China. The 3D printing industry is gradually being recognized by the world. More and more entrepreneurs hope to enter this industry as soon as possible to seize market opportunities. This includes many friends who start small-scale businesses. Without knowing whether 3D printers can make money, I hope to quickly enter the 3D printing industry with a small investment.

1. Hinge

? ? The main types of hinge hardware are divided into three types: door hinges, drawer guides, and cabinet door hinges. The door hinges are made of copper and stainless steel. The standard area of single-piece hinges is 10cm×3cm and 10cm×4cm, the diameter of the central shaft is between 1.1cm and 1.3cm, and the thickness of the hinge is between 2.5mm and 3mm. When the hinge is selected, in order to open easily and without noise, it should be selected. It is better to have a ball bearing in the middle of the page.

2. Guide rail

? ? Drawer guide rails are divided into two-section rails and three-section rails. When choosing the brightness of the exterior paint and electroplating, the gap and strength of the bearing wheels determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and the bearing wheels with wear resistance and uniform rotation should be selected. .

3. Hinge

? ? Cabinet door hinges are divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable. The cover position after the cabinet door is closed is divided into three types: large bend, middle bend, and straight bend. Generally, the middle bend is the main one. In addition to the visual inspection and the feel of the hinge surface, the hinge spring should have a good return performance. You can open the hinge 95 degrees and press both sides of the hinge with your hands. Observe that the support spring is not deformed or broken. It is very strong. It is a qualified product.

4. Handle

? ? The handles are made of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc. In order to match various styles of furniture, the shape and color of the handle are even more colorful and colorful. The handles that are electroplated and electrostatic sprayed are wear-resistant and anti-corrosive. In addition to matching the room decoration style, they should also be able to withstand greater tension. Generally, the handle should be able to withstand a tension of more than 6 kg.

? ? ?5. Skirting board Skirting board is often overlooked. In fact, it may be the first problem with the kitchen cabinet. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very humid, it is likely to swell and become moldy. There are two types of skirting boards: wooden skirting boards and matte metal skirting boards. Wooden skirting board manufacturers generally use the leftover corner scraps when making the cabinet body, and the cost is lower. However, because the skirting board is very close to the ground, the wood material is easy to absorb water and become damp, and the water vapor will rise along the skirting board and endanger the entire cabinet.

? ? 6. Steel drawers, cutlery trays, steel drawers, cutlery trays are accurate in size, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, and will not be deformed. They have an irreplaceable role in the maintenance and use of kitchen cabinet drawers. It has long been a German, It is widely used by kitchen cabinet companies in developed countries such as the United States and Japan. Therefore, after you have roughly observed the appearance of the kitchen cabinets, you should open each drawer and take a look. If you use a combination of steel drawers and cutlery trays, it means that the product cost is higher and the cabinet combination is more standardized. On the contrary, if you use wood Drawer, the cost is lower.

Prototype is a very important link in the process of enterprise research and development of new products. The company’s R&D department needs to make a prototype for testing. For example, some toy manufacturers need to develop new car model products, and they will first make a car model prototype. Verification, mainly to check whether the product design is feasible, whether the product structure, size, and size have problems.

Prototype is a very important part before opening the mold. If the company chooses not to make the prototype and opens the mold directly, once a product design problem is found, it will cause unpredictable cost loss. Everyone knows that the price of opening a set of molds is not The cheapest and the cheapest are tens of thousands of dollars, and the expensive ones may be millions. Prototype verification can reduce the risk of mold opening.

Founded in 2007, Tai Tengxin Model is a processing enterprise specializing in prototype production. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital communication prototypes. The company invests in new production equipment every year, and begins to research and develop new production technologies to improve product quality. The company’s existing equipment includes: 4 advanced high-precision, high-speed engraving and milling machines and a complete set of peripheral auxiliary equipment (such as: vacuum complex mold machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting machine, UV exposure machine, etc.). The existing departments include: Engineering Department, CNC Machining Center, Machining Workshop, Subsequent Processing Workshop, Oil Spray Screen Printing Room, Raw Material Warehouse, Quality Control Department, etc.

At present, in our prototype industry, there are three commonly used methods for making prototype models: cnc processing, 3d printing and silicone compound molds. Each processing method has different characteristics, and you should choose which one according to your own product requirements. Method, the following is the production of prototype model manufacturer Tai Tengxin to explain to you:

1. Cnc processing: The prototype model made in this way has high accuracy. If you have high accuracy requirements, it is recommended to choose cnc processing. The main processing materials are: ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, POM, PE, bakelite, aluminum alloy , Stainless steel, brass, etc., PC, PMMA are used for processing transparent parts, PC is semi-transparent, PMMA is fully transparent.

2. Silicone compound mold: Generally, it is made by vacuum silicone compound mold. The production cycle of silicone compound mold is short and the price is cheap. Under normal circumstances, the service life of silicone mold is about 10 times. Under vacuum conditions, the casting material is processed Defoaming, stirring, preheating, injection molding, and secondary curing molding in a thermostat; suitable for small batch production of prototypes, the cost is lower than CNC processing, but the quality is not as good as CNC processing.

3.3D printing: Laser rapid prototyping. The two production methods like SLA/SLS belong to 3D printing. In the current 3D printing technology, metal materials can be made, but the surface effect is relatively rough, which is more suitable for processing those appearances and structures. Complicated prototypes can produce prototypes that cannot be processed by cnc.

To sum up: you need to choose the production method of the prototype according to your own requirements. CNC processing is suitable for high-precision prototypes, and silicone compound molds are suitable for small-batch prototype production with low cost. 3D printing is suitable for processing complex prototypes.

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are gestating and emerging, forming a historical meeting with industrial transformation and upgrading and the transformation of economic development mode. "University of Minnesota professor Pei Youkang said, "The new wave of technological innovation represented by 3D printing, intelligent robots, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, etc., is accelerating the transformation of emerging industries. Medical products and medical equipment will no longer cost Customized at a price of one million, only need to make a prototype, the price is much lower than that of customized medical equipment for one million, and it is relatively stable and safe in all aspects!

The following describes the requirements of medical device prototypes:

The medical device hand plate is made of stainless steel. We often see the natural case shell, and some people think that the natural case shell is not surface-treated. This is a wrong understanding. The natural color chassis shell can have such a gloss after surface treatment.

There are five coloring methods for medical device prototypes: chemical oxidation coloring, electrochemical oxidation coloring, example deposited oxide coloring, high temperature oxidation coloring, and gas phase understanding coloring. The surface treatment process of the chassis shell not only beautifies the appearance of the chassis cabinet, but also prolongs the service life of the chassis cabinet.

The choice of colors is also very particular. For example, black, white, and gray are called international popular colors. On the one hand, cool colors are good for the device itself, and on the other hand, it also has the effect of isolating radiation for users. As the technology matures, we can keep the paint life of the chassis shell to the maximum. Cool colors can make the operator maintain a clear mind. Cool colors can make the use of internal circuits clearer. With the development of social economy, the sheet metal chassis shell is also developing closely. For the chassis shell, the cool color is the international popular color.

Tai Tengxin specializes in digital communication prototypes, household appliances prototypes, medical equipment prototypes, auto parts prototypes, SLA prototypes, complex prototypes, drones, etc. The prototype is the first step for customers to verify products. , Quality and timeliness need to be driven by both. Constantly develop, keep making progress, sincerely unite and work together. After several years of hard work, Tai Tengxin has gradually developed into a professional prototype processing factory with a certain scale, adhering to the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise" and "striving for perfection" to serve customers and society, and provide customers with a lot of quality The excellent prototype has won the trust and support of our customers.

Prototype models are widely used in industry, so do you know how to make prototypes? The following Shenzhen prototype model will give you a detailed explanation, let's take a look!

The prototype model is a relatively common type of prototype in the prototype industry. Based on the 16 years of experience in the prototype model, plastic prototypes account for almost 60% of all prototypes. Its production materials mainly include ABS, PC, PMMA, and PU. Species (in addition to POM, PP, PA, etc.). So how is it made? Prototype models mainly include CNC machining, 3D printing and fully automatic vacuum complex mold production methods, and I will introduce them one by one below.

CNC machining

Customers give 3D drawings (if you don’t have 3D drawings, CAD can also be used), and the prototype factory will import your drawings into the computer on a plastic board (may be a thick ABS board or a PP board, depending on your product The material used is selected) for engraving and cutting, that is, carving out the shape of your product on the board, cutting off the unnecessary parts, and leaving the part to form the shape of the product.

CNC machining

3d printing

The ultraviolet light under computer control is gradually scanned and superimposed and cured according to the pre-written program, which is very close to the design drawing file, with high accuracy and fast single room speed. SLA saves labor and is easy to program, but the machine is expensive, the cost is high, and the material is insufficiently brittle and tough. The efficiency of one SLA is equivalent to the efficiency of three CNCs.

Vacuum complex mold

Use the original template to make a silicone mold under vacuum, and then use this silicone mold for batch replication. If the customer requires several sets or dozens of sets, this method is suitable, which greatly reduces the cost. The processing principle of low-pressure perfusion is similar to that of vacuum complex moulding, except that this method processes large prototypes, such as bumper prototypes.

Vacuum complex mold

The above has introduced you to CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum complex molding of several plastic parts prototype production methods, I hope to help you.

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Digital communication prototype manufacturers are manufacturers of various types of prototype models, mainly medical prototype models, auto parts prototype models, household appliances prototype models, digital communication prototype models, sla prototype models, etc. At the same time, the main embodiment of the development trend of digital communication prototype models what is it then?

? ? Develop large-size precipitation hardening super-mirror plastic prototype model modules with a thickness of ≥400mm; develop new corrosion-resistant plastic prototype models to meet the high requirements of the corrosion resistance of special plastics (containing fluorine, chlorine, etc.) In terms of hot-working prototype models, it is necessary to develop new low-cost, long-life hot-working prototype models with independent intellectual property rights, and develop ultra-pure, uniformly organized hot-working prototype models, extremely low S, P content and ultra-fine structure. Adding alloy elements with red hardness effect improves the hardness of the mold at high temperatures and increases the service life of hot die casting molds and hot extrusion molds.

? ? In terms of cold-worked prototype models, digital communication prototype manufacturers must focus on the mold materials and surface treatment technology for cold stamping of automotive high-strength steel plates (tensile strength>800MPa). Develop low-alloy high-strength, high wear resistance, and high toughness Cold work die steel. Improve toughness and wear resistance by reducing carbon content and total alloying elements.

? ? In recent years, my country's steel demand has increased at a rate of 20%, but my country's mold steel production has not increased significantly. In 2009, my country's mold industry sales of 98 billion yuan, as well as tens of billions of molds of major host companies Compared with the production value of my country's prototype model in 2010, which did not reach 1 million tons, it is really incompatible.

? ? "The development and promotion of new steel grades for domestic high-quality, long-life hot work prototype models is in a relatively stagnant state. The main manifestation is that there are fewer new mold materials with independent intellectual property rights, and the mold life is low, and it is difficult for mold companies to find A reliable new steel grade for domestic molds to replace imported prototypes."

? ? The development direction of digital communication prototypes in China is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the development of molds in the direction of high precision and large-scale, the demand for non-deformed pre-hardened plastic prototypes and large-format and large-tonnage prototypes is increasing. It is the development of high purity, high isotropy, ultra-fine structure, and long life, and the requirements for the service life of the mold are getting higher and higher. The third is to develop in the direction of productization, and shorten the mold processing cycle as much as possible, so the prototype model is required The production companies can provide hand-board models that have been machined or heat-treated. The fourth is to develop in the direction of serialization and personalization of hand-board models.

? ? With the continuous updating of products, higher requirements have been put forward for the performance of hand plate models, such as working temperature, corrosion resistance, cutting performance, etching performance, polishing performance, etc. Hand plate models are serialized according to different industrial and mining conditions, and continue to meet Personalized requirements.

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